Sanctuary Etiquette

As believers we often attend our place of worship and forget the main reason we are here. After a while it may become a social meeting place and the reverence for the sanctuary is lost. Ecclesiastes 5:1 states, “Keep thy foot when thou goest to the house of God...” This is a clear and unmistakable warning to us who worship in His presence that we are to be cognizant of the place in which we are worshipping.

Below are just a few tips that will help us to maintain order and reverence within the sanctuary:

• Respect the Ushers. Allow them to seat you.

• Refrain from walking during services. Constant walking/moving can be a distraction to other worshipers.

• If you have young children or if you may have to leave the service early, you should sit toward the back and close to the aisle. This will allow you to leave without interrupting other worshipers. Certain doors will be locked after a substantial time has passed during worship, please note, if you are late on Sunday mornings, you will have to enter through the Front Main Entrance. This is for the safety of all the parishioners.

• Turn off all cell phones and other electronic devices, (when not reading the Bible); it is disrespectful to others when an electronic device makes noise during the service. If you have a situation that requires you to keep your electronic device on, turn it on silent or vibrate and answer it outside if needed. Electronic games, texting, playing on tablets, etc. are not permitted in the sanctuary during service.

• Please do not chew gum in the sanctuary. All eating and drinking is to be done in the Fellowship Hall area. Eating is prohibited in the sanctuary.

• Please do not congregate in the Fellowship Hall during the time of worship; this is disrespectful to the house of God. No one should be in the Fellowship Hall during worship time.

 Although this list is not inclusive, we encourage you to follow the guidelines of the church.

 If you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our church office.