In 1921 Bishop E. M. Page of Dallas, Texas sent Elder J. Austin Love of Wichita Falls, Texas toLove Chapel to become the pastor.  He found the saints praying from house to house, and many souls were being saved.  Elder Love organized the church so they could begin a fund raising program to buy property and build a church.

In 1922 Elder Love purchased two lots at 1107 White Street which is now East Rosedale.  The lots were purchased for a church and parsonage to be built upon.  This was a great beginning for the saints.  Everyone worked hard to build a house for the Lord.  Finally, things began to come to fruition.  When the sanctuary was built it was named Love Chapel.  The name did not originate in honor of the church organizer Elder Love but it was named Love Chapel because of the love that was demonstrated by its membership.  Elder Love served as pastor of the church from 1921 to 1933.