1933 - 1966

Elder Love was succeeded by Elder E. E. Hamilton of San Antonio, Texas.  Elder Hamilton was sent to Love Chapel in 1933.  He served as pastor from 1933 to 1938 at which time he moved to California.  During Elder Hamilton’s tenure some of the members included Elder Lewis Sapp, Elder George Lockhart, Elder and Sis. George Alexander, Elder and Sis Byrd, Elder and Sis Jasper Cortez.  During Elder Hamilton’s administration a parsonage was built on the church’s vacant lot.  The membership of the church begins to grow and souls were greatly blessed in this place.

In 1939 Elder S. D. Lee of Tyler, Texas was appointed by Bishop J. H. Galloway as pastor of Love Chapel. Some of the members during this time were Elder and Sis. J. H. Lee, Elder and Sis. Irvin Johnson, Elder and Sis. T.H. Alexander, Sis. Rosie Robinson, the mother of Elder Frank Robinson and Sis. Ransom Barnes Baker the mother of Herbert Baker, owner of Baker Funeral Home. During his tenure the church’s edifice was remodeled and enlarged at the cost of $8,000. Elder Gus Battles laid a new foundation so that Deacon C. M. Moffett could brick the walls of the church. A baptismal pool was later added to the church’s interior. In that same year White Street was changed to Rosedale Street. The new address was 1149 East Rosedale Street. Bishop Lee served as pastor for 29 years. During Elder Lee’s administration the church membership increased to 110 members. Elder Lee served as pastor from 1939 to 1966.

During the early years of the church Love Chapel was blessed to have powerful men of God to visit the church and expound the word of God to the people. In 1955 Bishop C. H. Mason,

founder of the Church of God in Christ, visited and preached at Love Chapel. Bishop Chandler David Owens ran yearly revivals at the church beginning at the age of 15 years old continued for 33 years.

During its 100 years of history Love Chapel has produced seven Church of God in Christ Bishops. Those bishops are Bishop E. E. Hamilton, Bishop S. D. Lee, Bishop Leroy
Anderson, Bishop Cornelius Anderson, Bishop W.W. Hamilton, Bishop J. H. Lee, and Bishop R. L. Asberry.

Love Chapel also produced six Jurisdictional Supervisors. Mother Bertha Polk, Mother Johnnie M. Macklin, Mother Juanita Harris, Mother Odessa Newman, Mother Freddye Carter and Mother Peggy Lee.