1966 - 1988

In 1966 Bishop F.L. Haynes appointed Elder C. J. Jones from Dallas, Texas as pastor of Love Chapel.  Pastor Jones led this Church into a greater era.  Under his administration membership of the church grew to 250 members and great renovations took place.  In 1973 the Church was remodeled adding a left wing to the church.  The Fellowship Hall, offices and publication facilities were housed in this area.

Later in 1988, the renamed Greater Love Chapel added another wing; thereby, providing new classrooms, updated lounge and bathroom facilities, rooms for storage and a beautiful library. Parking facilities were also updated on both sides of the Church and an adjacent parking area was purchased. The East Wing of the Church was completed by Elder James Jennings. Elder Jennings donated his skill and time free of charge to the church.

The church’s officers included Deacon Amos Watkins, Miss Alexa Miller, Garrett McGowan, and C.M. Moffett. Other members included Bro. Frank Russell, Mother Bernice Smith, Bro. Willie Currie, Bro. Herbert Allen, Sis. Baker, Bro. Hadley, Bro. Hannah Cooper, Sis. Irene Jackson and Elder and Sister Eula Cobb. The list of Deacons included Willie Davis, Melvin Miller, Stowall Carter, Otto Haliburton, Raymond Price. The Assistant Pastor was Elder James R. Jennings and the Youth Pastor was James Newman. The Church Secretary at this time was Sis. Doris Johnson. She served as secretary until after the death of her husband at which time she relocated to California. After Sis Johnson relocated to California, Sis. Velma D. Jennings became the finance secretary.

Throughout the history of the church Love Chapel has been blessed to have great women of God to serve in the role of Church Mother. Mother Tiny Griffin served as Church mother under Elder Hamilton, Mother Lena Russell served as Church Mother under Elder Lee, Mother Henrietta Carter served as Church Mother under Elder Jones, Mother Mazzie Cofer who served under Elder Jones and presently serves as the Church Mother under Superintendent Jimmy Glenn, Sr. The present Assistant Church Mother is Mother Merle Watkins.