2000 - Present

Under Pastor Glenn’s leadership the church sanctuary was remodeled, chandeliers were purchased for the sanctuary, the wooden doors in the front and side of the church were replaced with glass doors, a new air conditioning system was installed, four lots were purchased for the new parking lot, and the North Parking Lot was paved.  Also under Pastor Glenn’s leadership  all new office equipment was purchased, and new furnishing and appliances were put in the kitchen and Fellowship Hall and the restrooms of the church were remodeled.

A church van was purchased, and also a new church sign for outside. In 2008 after an electrical fire occurred at the church all of the electrical wiring was replaced. In 2009 the church paid $65,000 cash to replace the entire roof of the church. Greater Love Chapel now has a web-site and E-mail address and has recently added the technology needed in order to perform debit/credit card transactions in the Finance Department.

Those presently serving as part of Superintendent Glenn’s Administrative Staff are Deacon Bobby Boone-Chairman of the Trustee Board, Angela James-Chief Financial Officer, Terrance Lofton-Chief Operating Officer, Shalana Hampton-Financial Secretary, Frank Goode-Purchasing Agent, Kathy Fleming-Church Secretary, Brid’gette Woods-Administrative Assistant to the pastor and MaLisa Manuel-Administrative Assistant to the First Lady. During the first years of Pastor Glenn’s leadership some of his Administrative Staff members were: Sis.Marilyn Hodge-Church Secretary, Willie Johnson-Finance Administrator and Bobby Davis, Sr. served as Purchasing Agent during this time..

Under Superintendent Glenn’s leadership the membership has grown to 500 and more. Superintendent Glenn is a man of great vision. The vision that God has given him for the future of the church includes a new Sanctuary, a new Educational Wing, a Day Care Center and an Accredited School, a Family Life Center which will include a gymnasium, A Senior Citizen Home, A Battered Women Shelter, a Half-way House for Ex-offenders and the purchase of property for additional parking lots.