Church History

Greater Love Chapel Church of God in Christ had its initial beginning in 1910 when a small group of women begin to gather for prayer at the 300 block of Crawford Street for a prayer meeting.  

Included in this group of women were Mother Etory Sapp, Mother Lora Willie Sims, Mother Ola V. Cortez, Mother Emma Richardson, Mother Celia Ann Watkins and others. When the weather conditions were not suitable for outside worship the group would meet at one of the homes of one of the founding members. From this prayer meeting a great church was born.

In 1921 Bishop E. M. Page of Dallas, Texas sent Elder J. Austin Love of Wichita Falls, Texas toLove Chapel to become the pastor. He found the saints praying from house to house, and many souls were being saved. Elder Love organized the church so they could begin a fund raising program to buy property and build a church.

In 1922 Elder Love purchased two lots at 1107 White Street which is now East Rosedale. The lots were purchased for a church and parsonage to be built upon. This was a great beginning for the saints. Everyone worked hard to build a house for the Lord. Finally, things began to come to fruition. When the sanctuary was built it was named Love Chapel. The name did not originate in honor of the church organizer Elder Love but it was named Love Chapel because of the love that was demonstrated by its membership. Elder Love served as pastor of the church from 1921 to 1933.

Elder Love was succeeded by Elder E. E. Hamilton of San Antonio, Texas. Elder Hamilton was sent to Love Chapel in 1933. He served as pastor from 1933 to 1938 at which time he moved to California. During Elder Hamilton’s tenure some of the members included Elder Lewis Sapp, Elder George Lockhart, Elder and Sis. George Alexander, Elder and Sis Byrd, Elder and Sis Jasper Cortez. During Elder Hamilton’s administration a parsonage was built on the church’s vacant lot. The membership of the church begins to grow and souls were greatly blessed in this place.

In 1939 Elder S. D. Lee of Tyler, Texas was appointed by Bishop J. H. Galloway as pastor of Love Chapel. Some of the members during this time were Elder and Sis. J. H. Lee, Elder and Sis. Irvin Johnson, Elder and Sis. T.H. Alexander, Sis. Rosie Robinson, the mother of Elder Frank Robinson and Sis. Ransom Barnes Baker the mother of Herbert Baker, owner of Baker Funeral Home. During his tenure the church’s edifice was remodeled and enlarged at the cost of $8,000. Elder Gus Battles laid a new foundation so that Deacon C. M. Moffett could brick the walls of the church. A baptismal pool was later added to the church’s interior. In that same year White Street was changed to Rosedale Street. The new address was 1149 East Rosedale Street. Bishop Lee served as pastor for 29 years. During Elder Lee’s administration the church membership increased to 110 members. Elder Lee served as pastor from 1939 to 1966.

During the early years of the church Love Chapel was blessed to have powerful men of God to visit the church and expound the word of God to the people. In 1955 Bishop C. H. Mason,

founder of the Church of God in Christ, visited and preached at Love Chapel. Bishop Chandler David Owens ran yearly revivals at the church beginning at the age of 15 years old continued for 33 years.

During its 100 years of history Love Chapel has produced seven Church of God in Christ Bishops. Those bishops are Bishop E. E. Hamilton, Bishop S. D. Lee, Bishop Leroy
Anderson, Bishop Cornelius Anderson, Bishop W.W. Hamilton, Bishop J. H. Lee, and Bishop R. L. Asberry.

Love Chapel also produced six Jurisdictional Supervisors. Mother Bertha Polk, Mother Johnnie M. Macklin, Mother Juanita Harris, Mother Odessa Newman, Mother Freddye Carter and Mother Peggy Lee.

In 1966 Bishop F.L. Haynes appointed Elder C. J. Jones from Dallas, Texas as pastor of Love Chapel. Pastor Jones led this Church into a greater era. Under his administration membership of the church grew to 250 members and great renovations took place. In 1973 the Church was remodeled adding a left wing to the church. The Fellowship Hall, offices and publication facilities were housed in this area. Later in 1988, the renamed Greater Love Chapel added another wing; thereby, providing new classrooms, updated lounge and bathroom facilities, rooms for storage and a beautiful library. Parking facilities were also updated on both sides of the Church and an adjacent parking area was purchased. The East Wing of the Church was completed by Elder James Jennings. Elder Jennings donated his skill and time free of charge to the church.

The church’s officers included Deacon Amos Watkins, Miss Alexa Miller, Garrett McGowan, and C.M. Moffett. Other members included Bro. Frank Russell, Mother Bernice Smith, Bro. Willie Currie, Bro. Herbert Allen, Sis. Baker, Bro. Hadley, Bro. Hannah Cooper, Sis. Irene Jackson and Elder and Sister Eula Cobb. The list of Deacons included Willie Davis, Melvin Miller, Stowall Carter, Otto Haliburton, Raymond Price. The Assistant Pastor was Elder James R. Jennings and the Youth Pastor was James Newman. The Church Secretary at this time was Sis. Doris Johnson. She served as secretary until after the death of her husband at which time she relocated to California. After Sis Johnson relocated to California, Sis. Velma D. Jennings became the finance secretary.

Throughout the history of the church Love Chapel has been blessed to have great women of God to serve in the role of Church Mother. Mother Tiny Griffin served as Church mother under Elder Hamilton, Mother Lena Russell served as Church Mother under Elder Lee, Mother Henrietta Carter served as Church Mother under Elder Jones, Mother Mazzie Cofer who served under Elder Jones and presently serves as the Church Mother under Superintendent Jimmy Glenn, Sr. The present Assistant Church Mother is Mother Merle Watkins.

On July 27, 1993, Bishop J. Neaul Haynes came to Greater Love Chapel with other Church officials of Texas Northeast Jurisdiction to provide the Church help since Pastor Jones had become ill. He appointed Superintendent R. L. Asberry as Co-Pastor. Superintendent Asberry came with a reputation of great spiritual leadership, organization and sermonic skills.

Easter Sunday, April 3, 1994, Superintendent R. L. Asberry was officially appointed, Pastor of Greater Love Chapel Church of God in Christ. Dr. Jones was designated Pastor Emeritus. Dr. Asberry brought with him his wife, First Lady Bobbie Asberry and his daughter Robbie Asberry who passed in 1999. In 1994 Dr. Asberry dedicated the C. J. Jones Memorial Library. In the year 1999, Dr. R. L. Asberry resigned his leadership of Greater Love Chapel.

In 2000 the church celebrated its’ passage into the New Millennium with the appointment of Superintendent Jimmy W. Glenn, Sr. as the new leader of Greater Love Chapel Church of God in Christ. Pastor Glenn not only brought his great spiritual energy, preaching of the word and musical talent to Greater Love Chapel but he also brought his beautiful wife and partner, First Lady Sylvia Glenn. Accompanying our Pastor and his wife were their daughter, Knoel, son Jimmy Jr., daughter Jno and in 2008 they became the proud grandparents of their grandson Jimmy III.

Under Pastor Glenn’s leadership the church sanctuary was remodeled, chandeliers were purchased for the sanctuary, the wooden doors in the front and side of the church were replaced with glass doors, a new air conditioning system was installed, four lots were purchased for the new parking lot, and the North Parking Lot was paved. Also under Pastor Glenn’s leadership all new office equipment was purchased, and new furnishing and appliances were put in the kitchen and Fellowship Hall and the restrooms of the church were remodeled. A church van was purchased, and also a new church sign for outside. In 2008 after an electrical fire occurred at the church all of the electrical wiring was replaced. In 2009 the church paid $65,000 cash to replace the entire roof of the church. Greater Love Chapel now has a web-site and E-mail address and has recently added the technology needed in order to perform debit/credit card transactions in the Finance Department.

Those presently serving as part of Superintendent Glenn’s Administrative Staff are Deacon Bobby Boone-Chairman of the Trustee Board, Angela James-Chief Financial Officer, Terrance Lofton-Chief Operating Officer, Shalana Hampton-Financial Secretary, Frank Goode-Purchasing Agent, Kathy Fleming-Church Secretary, Brid’gette Woods-Administrative Assistant to the pastor and MaLisa Manuel-Administrative Assistant to the First Lady. During the first years of Pastor Glenn’s leadership some of his Administrative Staff members were: Sis.Marilyn Hodge-Church Secretary, Willie Johnson-Finance Administrator and Bobby Davis, Sr. served as Purchasing Agent during this time..

Under Superintendent Glenn’s leadership the membership has grown to 500 and more. Superintendent Glenn is a man of great vision. The vision that God has given him for the future of the church includes a new Sanctuary, a new Educational Wing, a Day Care Center and an Accredited School, a Family Life Center which will include a gymnasium, A Senior Citizen Home, A Battered Women Shelter, a Half-way House for Ex-offenders and the purchase of property for additional parking lots.